This week White Cat Publications and our Sam's Dot imprint were given the Partners in Prevention Award for completing and passing the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children training program.  We're proud to say that we are the first publisher to be given this award.  It's part of our commitment to make sure that any and all members of our staff who have anything to do with children and young adult fiction are certified by this program to end Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).  Parents have a right to know that these publications are being monitored by personnel trained to look for predatory behaviors in editors associated with magazines intended for the younger markets.

Dora Badger has been working hard to get new contracts with those writers we are pledged to publish, and those who have worked with this have already been paid.  If anyone out there has submitted the addendums but not yet received a check from us, please let Dora know via

Next we'll be updating our guidelines for our magazines and establishing a production schedule.  Thanks to everyone for their patience.

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About Us


Sams Dot Publishing was founded to carry on the hopes and dreams of James Baker, a man who loved science fiction and saw the Internet as integral to its future.  In a time when publishing  venues for science fiction were contracting, he offered imaginative writers an opportunity to showcase their fiction.  He became a mentor and friend to many, and his unexpected illness and sudden death came as a shock to the genre community.  James Baker will be missed as a publisher, but, more importantly, as a friend to the readers, writers and editors whose lives he touched.

The story could have ended there, but Tyree Campbell, whose work James had published, made the commitment iin person to James the day before his death to keep the dream alive.  With the help of J. Alan Erwine and other writers and dreamers, Sams Dot Publishing was formed.

The original magazines were printed at local printers, sometimes hand-stapled together before being mailed to readers.  It was a learning process that paid off, so that now, 10 years later, the polished results are plain to see.