About Us


Sams Dot was founded to carry on the hopes and dreams of James Baker, a man who loved science fiction and saw the Internet as integral to its future.  In a time when publishing  venues for science fiction were contracting, he offered imaginative writers an opportunity to showcase their fiction.  He became a mentor and friend to many, and his unexpected illness and sudden death came as a shock to the genre community.  James Baker will be missed as a publisher, but, more importantly, as a friend to the readers, writers and editors whose lives he touched.

Now, White Cat Publications is carrying on in this spirit with an imprint of White Cat called simply Sam’s Dot, with a new crew of editors, the same quality stories and a commitment to carrying on traditions of those who brought us such richly inventive magazines as The Martian Wave, Beyond Centauri, Aoife’s Kiss, Future Crime Stories, Cover of Darkness, Hungur and so many other fine publications.