Hungur, Issue 15

Friday, April 5th, 2013

HUNGUR publishes vampire stories and poems, with emphasis on vampires and their activities on other worlds.

Hungur All Souls' Night 2012

Fiction: Dark Matter by David Lee Summers The Bard And The Lenean Sidhe by M. K. A. Marble The Gospel According to Olive Oyl by Dev Jarrett Chains of Darkness by Lee Clark Zumpe
Infinity Drift by Ryan Neil Falcone Flash Fiction: Robotic Vampire by Debby Feo Azaela and Me by Marge Simon The Legend of the Star Counter by Terrie Leigh Relf Poetry: Once Upon A Time, We Thought Them Gods by Terrie Leigh Relf Musings of a Vampire by Debby Feo Mission Butterfly by Jack Horne Embryonic Metamorphosis by Joanne Koong Match Dot Com Dead On by Marge Simon & Sandy DeLuca Piano by Nathan King

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