Aoife’s Kiss

Monday, April 1st, 2013

In this issue...


The Sea Wraith by Ashley Marie Bergner, OutRigger by Jay Maul,
Big Dog by David Brookes, A Black Gaping Hole by Bria Burton, Beyond the Gates by Liz Colter, Limbo People by Louis N. Gruber, Dahlia’s Feast by Milo James Fowler, The Electrochemical Shadow Knows by John Skylar, The Zombie’s Tale by Leif Behmer, Alyosha’s Choice by Lani Carroll

Flash Fiction

IronFae by Rachel A. Brune, Rattitude by Scott Virtes, Brenna the Raven Makes Her Own Time, by Kelda Crich


You Know the Rules by Jordan Taylor, CyberDebris by Bruce Boston, On Tuesday At Noon by Sara Cordova, Mendel Gone Mad by Terry Portillo, Fields of Summer by Yoshira Marbel, Threads by G. O. Clark, Outreach by Peter Roberts, First Contact by John Grey, The Martian Prisoner by John Grey, Asteroid Orphan by Alicia A. Curtis, Ogres by Gary Every, Rue Thinks the Test Will Be Fun by Brock Marie Moore, The Edge Of The Cosmos by Christina Sng, Discoveries by Christina Sng, Robert Burns' Certainty Principle by Marie H. Lewis

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