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Preventing Abuse is an Adult Responsibility

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013



White Cat and the new Sams Dot imprint have come together to offer support to victims of childhood sexual abuse.  All profits from the first year of the new Sams Dot imprint will go to the organization Darkness to Light, an organization devoted to ending childhood sexual abuse.

We believe in a percentage of a company’s profits going to worthy causes.  At White Cat, we  donate to Gleaner’s food banks to help provide food for the hungry.  At Sam’s Dot, we donate to Darkness to Light, to help put an end to childhood sexual abuse.   Also, any editor associated with publishing any of our young adult magazines or books is required to have taken the Stewards of Children training.

Our Sam’s Dot imprint, of course, has no linkage to  Sam’s Dot Publishing except that we have acquired certain of the magazines and books to sell and produce.  Although we want to honor the vision of James Baker and those who tried to carry on his dreams, the new Sam’s Dot is a totally separate imprint with a completely new staff.

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